Golden Gate Bingo

A trip to the grand San Francisco has never been more rewarding, but only if you know how to play the game. Let the Golden Gate bridge the gap between you and big prizes with our exciting 75-ball bingo game. Sounds fun? Cross the bridge into the city and make the right plays to win big and enjoy yourself along the way!

Features: Game Pot, Progressive Jackpots

Welcome to Your Gateway to Fun

Open 24 hours a day, there's no limit to how much bingo fun you can have right here at Golden Gate with 75-ball bingo. You're in for the ultimate daubing experience. Enjoy extreme, over-the-top fun that will last a lifetime.

This variant of bingo is so popular here in the US because it's faster than a 90-ball game and has more prizes and patterns. Golden Gate is our main 75-Ball room in your lobby, offering prizes totaling over GC 28,000,000 and is available all day.

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How to Play

Each ticket in 75 Ball Bingo has 25 squares in five rows and five columns. All squares, except the center, are numbered. The blank square is called the "free square".

Numbers 1-15 appear in the first column, 16-30 in the second, and so on, up to 75. Numbers are randomly distributed across tickets. Generally, a 75-ball game usually does not group tickets by unique numbers.

There are five chances to win in Golden Gate 75 ball bingo. Simply match numbers in any custom shape.


With this 75-ball bingo game you can win fixed and progressive Gold Coin jackpots around the clock, based on matching patterns. Get anything from the letter H to the Haunted House for guaranteed pots. Or grab a massive pot o’ gold when you get a Shamrock or Cover All for even better rewards. It's different with every game. Details are always presented on screen.

With progressive jackpots, the value grows over time by taking a percentage from players' ticket costs and adding it to the jackpot pool. Jackpots are won when you win a game within a specific number of calls. If you win the game, you get both the game pot and jackpot.

Just like The Golden City itself, Golden Gate is a beautiful sight and can be worth a lot of rewards. Start daubing now!

There is a minimum RTP of 70%.

Room Information
Type: 75 Ball
Open: 24hr
Min Ticket: GC 1.00
Progressive Jackpot: Yes