Bauble blast


Yep, you guessed it. The animal kingdom is crossing over into the world of bingo, putting the cutest twist yet on your favorite daubing game. Animingo is effectively 50 “Ball” bingo, but you’ll be keeping an eye (and an ear) out for adorable animals instead. Hop to it.

Features: Pick a Pic prizes, Animal-Themed Games, Jungle Chat Games

How to Play

50 Balls are replaced by 50 animal faces in this unique and awesome bingo experience – where you’ll hear the sounds of woofs, whistles and roars as they’re released into the wild.

But that’s the only difference. You’ve still got your two opportunities to win: “One Line” and “Full House” – achieved by marking off the symbols on your Animingo tickets.

It looks great, it sounds great… It is great. Come give it an animin-go!

The minimum RTP is 70%.

Room Information
Type: 50 Ball
Open: Every day from 1pm - 6pm PST
Min Ticket: GC 150